“I want to say that my exposure to many brands that were unfamiliar to me has been very exciting. As a stylist myself, I always want to know what the next “BIG” thing is. It is important to educate stylists and salon owners not only about our product lines, but how we provide excellent customer service as well as save them money.””

Tami Trenkle


“About 6 years ago I became a customer of Princess . I always loved the customer service and the lines that Princess carried. I have since closed my salon and I have never thought selling would be this much fun. I love to socialize and as a former business owner and stylist I love helping my accounts figure out ways to help them grow their business.
Its not hard for me to get excited about lines that I love and believe in. I personally test out every line we have before presenting them to my accounts so I can get the personal experience that will help me educate myself so I can then share that information to other stylist.
Princess has a unique selection of lines that we carry that have a proven record of working and being successful. I guess for me its about taking pride in my work and giving the best customer service I can to help my salons be successful. I’m very thankful that my CEO, Amir has given me this wonderful opportunity to grow with his company.”

Debra Pak


“After working with Princess in Texas and Oklahoma as Sales Consultant, as well as working behind the chair and salon owner in Oklahoma for more years than I care to mention. I feel that I bring a wealth of knowledge to the stylist and with the education that is provided at Princess, the innovative ideas and professional products on the market today, I can be confident in bringing quality education and customer service to the stylist in Oklahoma.
Each day brings new experiences and challenges in the beauty industry and I look forward to each new day with the stylist and Princess Professional Beauty Supply.”

Sharon Rinehart


“Princess for me is a leading wholesale distributor of professional hair care products servicing licensed hairdressers and salons in Texas and Oklahoma. Our vision is supported through exceptional customer service, Offering innovative educational programs, 4 storefront locations, and a team that is committed to supporting every aspect of the salon business.
We are the education driven distributor”.”

Erica Trejo

“Melina started as a Salon Consultant for Princess in 2004 after moving to Houston from NYC and Italy.  Melina ‘ best kept secret is that she is a trained opera singer and speaks 3 languages.  During her opera years she sang in Austria, Germany, Italy, NYC, Portland OR, and Los Angeles.  Beyond her singing she leads abd active life with her 2 crazy toddlers and Coast Guard husband.  Her favorite Houston area restraunts are Marks and Weights and Measures.  She loves her job… always passionate about giving the salon customized support and choosing lines that will grow their business and offer inspirational education.   Her creed is simple: treat all with love and respect and never give up on anyone, because everyone has their timing.”

Melina Bradley

“Just like our business card reads, “servicing the creative stylist”, that’s what we are all about. We help aid all those professional stylist out there unleash their creativeness, so that their clients can receive the highest quality in salon services. Providing the best education, backed by the great staff of Princess Professionals.”

Samuel Avila

“Being a third generation stylist and 12 years of sales experience…have proven a perfect combination for a career with Princess Professional. Steven also holds a BS in Theatre and is an ordained minister. In other words, he could marry you, style your hair for the wedding…and provide the entertainment at the reception! 🙂 .”

Steven Knott