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using is the most innovative and effective professional smoothing treatment in the world.

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“New Brazilian Blowout Express Service” Results last up to 4 weeks.
Utilizing intuitive smoothing technology + amphoteric cleansers Brazilian Blowout EXPRESS smooths and cleanses in one step to deliver 4 weeks of smooth frizz-free hair in 60 minutes or less.

“Original Brazilian Blowout Service & B3”: Results last up to 12 weeks.
Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, customize your smoothing treatments and improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft eliminating frizz and resulting a smooth cuticle. Entire in-salon treatment is completed in just 80 minutes.  Followed by the latest Bond Builder that is added to your color with just 1 Step!  Know your value and learn how to become a Six figure Stylist.

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