The CROC professional product line is filled with world class flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers driven by patented features and technology inherited from the most advanced ceramic and ion innovations.

These advanced tools were also re-engineered to incorporate more safety features. The automatic overheating block system boasts to be the safest iron in its class, enabling professional stylists to get the best work out of styling tools with the least amount of safety concerns.
At CROC, TURBO ION, they have been tenacious about our passion for providing efficiency, innovation, quality, and trustworthy results at the hair professional’s fingertips. With their patented technology and the persistence in supplying both safe and stylishly aesthetic products, it has been established GREENION – CROC’s newest eco-friendly and effective system. GREENION hair products contain 100% natural ingredients, harmonizing with GREENION styling tools. These styling tools are beneficial to both the hair and our environment. Providing the use of Hemp Powder in their development; this naturally renewable and sustainable resource allows the consumption of less plastic. GREENION styling tools include a green wavelength frequency allowing the flow of 1 to 3 million negative ions per minute to reach the hair strand in the most healthful way.

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