JKS International

Products founded by professionals. JKS International’s breakthrough in hare care spawns the next generation of products. Super Anti-Oxidant Acair Berry, found in JKS products, prevents oxidants from harming hair while repairing damaged proteins in the hair shaft.

The new Hp Technology with Anti-oxidants allows to provide the proper nourishment to restore the main hair components: water, proteins, and lipids.

1. Intense repair (Anti-oxidants) and maximum protection to promote a better color penetration.
Low molecular weight oligopeptides (Amino Acids) are the products of gentle enzymatic hydrolysis of the protein rich Bertholletia Excelsa fruit. The newest technology of a small molecular size allows to better penetrate through the hair fiber and bind tightly to the hair proteins, helping the restructuring and providing great benefits from within. Moreover, a special anti-irritation molecule creates a protective film for skin and hair during the application.

2. Deep and lasting moisturizing.
The deep penetration through the hair fiber cuticle into the cortex combined with the real capacity of these molecules to bind water, allow to provide lasting and deep moisturization. Moreover they allow to maintain the proper water balance of the hair against humidity,
with evident aesthetic effect on the styling. The hair results strong, bright and easy to comb.

3. Balanced Double Pigmented and 0.5% low Ammonia (in most shades) formula: long lasting color and 100% gray-white coverage.
The interaction between moisturizing oligopeptides and high quality double pigment results in brilliant and rich colors, with an optimum degree of coverage (100% of gray-white hair).
The precise balancing of the formulation ensures stabilized color, avoiding fading and keeping it bright for a long time. The base is enriched with a revolutionary raw material
that absorbs and eliminate the smell of very low ammonia with in the formula. JKS’s lowest Ammonia level formula gives most gentle applications and results are, hair is in better condition than before coloring.

4. Smaller molecules: allows you to mix JKS with the other professional brand tubes (other than metallic base or semi-demi color tubes colors) so there is no waste as you are converting your color line for better and newer.

So, you do not need to have so many tubes sitting at your back bar
..1 part JKS Color with 1,5 part of JKS developer for OPEC PERMANENT results..1 part JKS Color with 2 to 2,5 part of JKS Developer for TRANSLUCENT results..1 part of JKS Color with 1,5 part of JKS Tone and Tone Developer

for SEMI PERMANENT results
..1 part of JKS Color with 1 part of JKS Tone and Tone Developer

for DEMI PERMANENT results
..1 part of JKS Color with 2 to 2,5 part of JKS Tone and Tone Developer


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