Haircare & style without compromise.

Sahag integrity is echoed in our cast of precision performers. Working simultaneously to enhance hairstyles and textures, our line of products are designed to cater to individual styles and preferences. Sahag’s shapers, glossers and mists couple power-packed performance with each luxurious formula.

Indulge often. Repeat as necessary.

shampoos vitamin-enriched formulas simply and gently do just that. They remove impurities, while solving the exact cleansing needs of each type of hair. Color-treated hair is infused with aloe vera without disturbing its natural integrity and shine; fine hair is cleansed with respect to its delicate nature; glycerin-based moisturizers and extract of chamomile coax impurities from coarse, resistant hair. Hair texture and shape regain inner consciousness, suppleness and flexibility. Your strands will have no memory of ever being parched a day.
CONDITIONER Created for the hair that hungers for normalcy and revived resilience. An exact equation hangs in the balance for a shiny, healthy, full-bodied – and well-behaved – head of hair. Their Soothing Conditioners revive, restore, detangle, and soothe from deep within, without dragging hair down or limping it out. No residue is left behind that may interfere with styling. The Conditioner rinses out and readies the hair’s texture for the next performer – the Shaper – to do its work. We deliver restorative efficiency and never, ever impede creativity.
NUTRITION A holistic solution of precision-formulated remedies that totally transform the scalp, pores, and hair back into shape. Everyday zappers like dry scalp, oily scalp, dry hair, chemically altered hair and sun bleached hair are diminished with long-lasting, deep-conditioning treatments. Designed to condition from within, our Remedies pump up hair follicles by cleansing and treating the scalp without limping the life out of your stands. With not an iota of residue left behind, hair feels healthier all over. Change your scalp’s landscape! Use on dry hair for restorative power and immediate luxurious results.
SHAPERS Experience Spontaneous styling. Shapers make their presence invisible a
nd allow their power to challenge gravity. They liberate hair to be what you want it to be: to strengthen, bend, set, curve, straighten, wave, curl, design, pump, lift, volumize or maximize, enhance curl, eliminate frizz, create volume or keep thick hair under control. Ready for any bit of styling challenge, Shapers keep hair ruly, retain natural mobility and minimize any cardboard-like, flaky or sticky effect. Now you can amplify and accent wisps, bangs, fringes and layers with phantom, invisible power. Be your own engineer of covert creativity.
VITALIZING Vitalizing Glossers tap into glossy, silky, shiny, vibrant textures and brilliant sheen that lie dormant in all types of hair. These miracle workers make hair feel beautifully retexturized and easy to manipulate. Double-edged to also protect, nourish and enhance hair’s quality, Glossers exaggerate the shape and movement of a cut and reveal it’s true depth, dimension and vitality. Hair can even stand on end! Provoke star quality without ever misrepresenting a cut.
John Sahag performing some of his trademark art.

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