TRI products are the best of nature blended with modern technology. The entire product line is formulated to dramatically improve the hair’s structure, texture and manageability, creating a healthy balance and beautiful appearance for your hair.
The ingredients selected to create our hair care products are all-natural and have always been completely biodegradable, and they have never used animal testing. Everything that they are has been achieved through a unique, and highly creative hair care philosophy.
We view technology as the gateway. Innovation the fuel. And beauty as the ultimate reward. If being all that you can be is your desire, then TRI products can make your desire a reality.
There are some basic needs in haircare that never change, they are timeless… classic. TRIDESIGN is a selection of our original products that have been given fresh new appeal with a new name and sophisticated packaging while maintaining the same trusted quality that TRI has become known for.
This collection of TRI products has been the foundation of TRI Professional Haircare Products for over thirty years. At TRI we view technology as the gateway, innovation the fuel, and beauty the ultimate reward.
Each person’s hair is different from the inside out from roots to ends. Newer hair at the root is healthier with a more compact cuticle layer while older ends are more weathered. Hair between has varying degrees of strength, moisture and porosity depending on what kind of damage it’s been exposed to. We call this Combination Hair.
All the products in the Structural Balance line actually self adjust to the hairs specific needs. Positively charged microscopic Capispheres packed with proteins and other nutrients bond to weakened areas in the cortex and target fragile sites along the hair shaft.
Because of this Seek and Repair action, moisture and strength are infused right where they are needed most, balancing the structural integrity of the hair at the molecular level.
AERO Styling Products were developed for the most discerning professional hairstylists in the world. If you want beautifully defined curls, soft waves, full blown volume or sleek straight looks with a brilliant shine. AERO Styling Products will create highly manageable styles that will last throughout the day.
AERO’s targeted mist creates a light even spray with ideal distribution that leaves no build-up, stickiness or weight. With AERO Styling Products you get the best healthy hair formulas, with the finest salon tested ingredients, and they go on just right, first time…every time.

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